• Nomination Instructions

    Submitting Nominations

    Nominations of new candidates and re-nominations of current board and committee members can be submitted online from January 15 to March 15, 2013. Nominations submitted after March 15, 2013, will be reviewed at the discretion of the Nominating Committee.

    Instructions for Submitting a Nomination

    Login to Your Account:

    • If you have previously registered on the website and have an account, please Login
    • If you have forgotten your password, please click Forgot Your Password, and return to the Nomination Instructions page after resetting your password.

    Create a New Account:

    • Registration on the IFAC website is required to submit a nomination.
    • If you have not previously registered, please Register.

    Submit a Nomination:

    • Once you are registered and logged in, navigate to the Nominations Database page and click Make a New Nomination.
    • Fill out a separate nomination form for each position for which you would like to nominate a candidate. If you wish to nominate the same candidate for two different positions, two separate nomination forms should be submitted.
    • A nomination form may not be submitted unless all questions are fully answered. 
    • Each nomination form can be saved as a draft and completed at a later date. Please use the “Save as Draft” option at the end of the Review page of the form. Please note that a nomination form is saved automatically if you select the “Save” button at the end of each section of the nomination form.
    • You may also save the nomination form as a PDF file and send it to a nominee to obtain additional information or for review. Please use the “Save as a PDF” option at the end of the Review page of the form.
    • Once a nomination form is fully completed, you may review and submit the nomination by using the “Submit to IFAC” option on the Review tab at the end of the Review page of the form. Once submitted, the nomination form is final and cannot be edited. 
    • If you wish to obtain information from a nominee before completing the online nomination form, you may use a portable Excel form located on the Nominations Database page under "Import Excel Nomination." Once the nominee has filled out the Excel form, you can easily upload it to the database and finalize the submission process.

    Manage Nominations:

    • To manage your existing nominations, navigate to the Nominations Database page. There, you can see the list of nominations that were created with your user name. You may edit or delete draft nominations before you submit them to IFAC.
    • A single account for all nominations will provide your organization with a complete overview of the nominations for this year and create a history of nominations for subsequent years.
    • If you are submitting multiple nominations, you can make copies of any nomination so you do not have to answer questions that apply to all candidates (for example, questions that relate to the nominating organization) multiple times.
    • People from your organization, including nominees, will not have access to nominations created from your account. If you wish for a nominee or somebody in your organization to review information you have submitted, you will need to send the nomination form(s) in PDF format. 

    Outcome of the Nominating Process

    Finalizing the decisions on appointments is a lengthy process because of the significant due process requirements. Therefore, it is possible that you will not be notified of the outcome of your nomination(s) until October 2013. The Nominating Committee does not notify individuals of the outcome of the nominations process (with the exception of self-nominations), but rather defers to the nominating organization in conveying the message to its nominees.

    The Nominating Committee will submit its recommendations to the IFAC Board for approval in September 2013. Depending on the board or committee, appointments might require subsequent approval of the Public Interest Oversight Board (PIOB) in September 2013, or election/approval by the IFAC Council in November 2013.


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