Activities and Interest Areas

  • Activities and Interest Areas

    To bring to life the PAO Development Committee strategy and realize its overall aim of assisting emerging and developing Professional Accountancy Organizations (PAOs) around the world to strengthen and grow, the Committee’s ADVANCE (Accountancy Development via Awareness building, kNowledge sharing, and Collaborative Efforts) initiative is focused on strategy implementation activities through four key programs.

    The Mentoring Program provides information and assistance, as well as opportunities for active knowledge sharing, to PAOs as they consider and engage in mentoring activities.The value and effectiveness of PAO-to-PAO mentoring continues to be recognized by beneficiaries, mentors, and donors alike. Recent activities under the program have included a workshop that explored this form of capacity building from a range of perspectives. Future plans include an expansion of the existing Mentoring Guidelines to include practical advice and case studies.

    A Regional Collaboration Program recognizes the importance of coordinating PAO development efforts from a range of organizations at the regional level. This includes creation of PAO Development Committee regional strategies for: Africa; Americas and the Caribbean; Asia Australasia-Oceania; Eastern Europe and Central Asia; and the Middle East. This program acknowledges regional contexts by identifying and implementing activities aligned with those unique challenges and opportunities relevant to each region. Regular communication with IFAC Regional Organizations and Accountancy Groupings and support of key regional events are also priorities.

    The International Organizations Collaboration Program aims to enhance communication and facilitate collaboration with other international organizations. Through MOSAIC (the Memorandum of Understanding to Strengthen Accountancy and Improve Collaboration) the global accountancy profession and donors are brought together, providing a framework for alignment of activities and joint efforts to enhance accountancy capacity.

    The Ambassadors Program mobilizes current and former PAO Development Committee Members to assist in development activities. In recognition of the need for additional capacity and resources for outreach activities, willing Committee members, as well as other interested parties, may be called upon to represent the Committee at third party events. This takes advantage of the expertise and experience of those most familiar with IFAC, the Committee, and PAO development activities in order to extend IFAC’s global reach.


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