Activities and Interest Areas

  • Activities and Interest Areas

    The Professional Accountants in Business (PAIB) Committee focuses on six key topic areas. 

    • Roles, Domain, and Competences

      IFAC supports the global accountancy profession in responding to changing expectations of society, financial markets, and organizations, and promoting the value of professional accountants in business. Related Publications

    • Governance and Ethics

      IFAC supports professional accountants in business in providing ethical and strategic leadership for their organizations, including establishing effective governance systems and processes, strategic management and planning, and ensuring an ethical workplace. Related Publications

    • Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

      IFAC supports professional accountants in business as change agents and influencers of good practices to integrate sustainability issues into strategy, operations, and reporting to facilitate sustainable economic, environmental, and social performance. Related Publications

    • Risk Management and Internal Control

      IFAC recognizes and promotes professional accountants in business as integrators who foster close links between governance, risk management, and internal control to ensure none are functional silos and all are in support of the organization's strategic, operational, and financial objectives. Related Publications

    • Financial and Performance Management

      IFAC supports professional accountants in business to improve decision making in organizations, including the provision, analysis, and interpretation of information for strategic and operational decision making in this core area for professional accountants in business. Related Publications

    • Business Reporting

      IFAC supports professional accountants in business in their critical roles in support of high-quality business reporting, which is at the heart of strong and sustainable organizations, financial markets, and economies, and improving the usefulness of reported information for internal and external stakeholders. Related Publications

    IFAC maintains advisory interest groups of experts, from within and without the profession, in each these areas. IFAC stakeholders who are not directly involved in the PAIB Committee are encouraged to forward the names of experts who wish to be involved in these groups to


    Global Knowledge Gateway

    One of the key ways IFAC and the PAIB Committee support professional accountants in business is through the Global Knowledge Gateway. The Gateway is a global hub for accountancy news, views, resources, and though leadership from IFAC, our member organizatoins, and other notable groups and individuals.

    The Gateway is a place for professional accountants to:

    • Access resources from around the world;
    • Learn about emerging areas of the profession;
    • Stay connected to the most pressing accountancy issues and news of the day; and
    • Interact by exchanging views, making recommendations, and sharing what they find with their own social networks.

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