Assessment Methods - Completed

  • Assessment Methods - Completed


    The purpose of this project was to provide guidance to assist and encourage member bodies of IFAC to select a range of appropriate assessment methods to better test the capabilities and competencies of candidates for admission to the profession. The IAESB (formerly the Education Committee) commissioned research on this topic by The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. The research report is available by clicking here. The report does not necessarily reflect the views of the IAESB, nor provide authoritative guidance for member bodies.

    The IAESB has developed an International Education Paper (IEP) 3, Assessment Methods, based on this research to offer guidance and assistance to IFAC member bodies when developing assessment strategies to ensure candidates admitted to membership are appropriately qualified.

    As part of the IEP 3, a wide range of links to websites, articles, books, and other tools on various aspects of assessment techniques and strategies developed by IFAC member bodies, universities, academics, and other non-accountancy professional associations has been made available. The reference materials address non work-based assessment methods, work-based assessment methods, and other general references regarding assessment techniques.