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About the Global Knowledge Gateway


The Global Knowledge Gateway, powered by IFAC, is a digital hub where professional accountants, students, professional accountancy organizations, firms, regulators, standard setters, academics, and others can easily access accountancy news, views, resources, and thought leadership from IFAC, our member organizations, and other notable groups and individuals. Visitors to the Gateway can:

  • Easily access relevant resources from around the world
  • Learn from accounting leaders & experts about emerging areas of the profession 
  • Stay connected to the most pressing accountancy news & upcoming events 
  • Exchange views and help build an international community of accountants 

The Gateway content is currently divided among nine topics:


The Gateway answers the call for a global online community and aggregator of valuable, relevant content for professional accountants around the world. As the international body for the profession, IFAC was uniquely well suited to build and deliver a platform that would do just that. The Gateway was also developed as an ongoing mechanism for IFAC to better serve its members, particularly those whose membership includes professional accountants in business and small- and medium-sized practices.

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We invite you to explore and engage. We hope that you’ll gain knowledge and insights, and that you’ll share the Gateway and the useful resources you’ve discovered with your colleagues and social networks.

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Key Features—Home Page



Key Features—Topic Pages 

Topic pages also include:
  • Suggest a Resource, News Item, Event, or Discussion Topic—Users are encouraged to use these fields to suggest links and content to add to the Gateway.
  • Recommend—This button enables users to endorse Viewpoints, Discussions, and Resources and see which ones others found most valuable.

Contact Information

Questions or feedback? We’d love to hear from you. Email Gateway@ifac.org or contact Eli Khazzam, Editor-in-Chief: EliKhazzam@ifac.org or +212-471-8716.



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