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Professional accountants need to respond to the continually changing expectations of their organizations, the financial markets, and society. In addition, many accountants aspire to finance leadership roles, such as chief financial officer (CFO). As a result, they must fulfill their traditional responsibilities, while increasing their support of strategic and operational decision-making. Through education, life-long learning, and development, they must acquire the right mixture of skills, experiences, and attitudes, including leadership, strategy, business, management, and interpersonal skills. Read More


The Role of the CFO on the Modern Board

by Gillian Lees, Head of Research and Development, CIMA | January 13, 2015 |

Four key areas that CFOs should address when conducting meetings with boards.  Read More

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The Open Workforce and the Quiet Revolution in Talent Management
by Gillian Lees, Head of Research and Development, CIMA | November 11, 2014 |

A quiet revolution is taking place in the way that talent and ideas are being developed due to the dramatic increase in externally managed freelancers and other business partners, and finance professionals have an important role to play. Read More


Global Engagement and the Future of the Profession: Reflections from the AAA Annual Meeting
by Gary Pflugrath, Director, Public Policy & Regulation, IFAC | August 15, 2014 |

The 2014 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting raised a number of globally relevant questions and issues, including preparing the future generation of accountants, corporate board responsibility, regulatory convergence, and US ethnocentrism in a globalized world. Read More


How Women Leaders Create the Future
by Claudia Zwart, President, Global Women Leadership Foundation | July 22, 2014 |

Throughout the accounting profession and beyond, women leaders play an important role in creating the future. The Global Women Leadership Foundation says women's skills begin with their formative experiences.  Read More


Changing the World—The Role of Accountants
by Mario Abela, IFAC | July 2, 2014 | 1

Can professional accountants change the world? They have a lot to bring to the table—contributing to discussions about economic growth; managing finances and facilitating access to capital; promoting good financial management in government; and shining a light on the scourge of corruption. Read More


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