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IPSASB December 2018 Meeting Podcast
Highlights from the IPSASB's December 4-7 meeting in Kuala Lumpur.

  • 00:10 Welcome and introduction: John Stanford, Technical Director
  • 00:56 Chair’s meeting overview: Ian Carruthers, IPSASB Chair
  • 02:40 Social Benefits, Collective and Individual Services, and Emergency Relief: Paul Mason, Principal
  • 04:20 Revenue (IFRS 15 Alignment) and Amendments to IPSAS 36 and IPSAS 41: Amon Dhliwayo, Manager
  • 05:20 Grants and Transfers (Time requirements): Joanna Spencer, Manager
  • 06:23 Leases: Joao Carlos Fonseca, Principal
  • 07:34 Approval of Strategy and Work Plan: Ross Smith, Deputy Director
  • 08:40 Chair’s concluding comments: Ian Carruthers, IPSASB Chair
  • 11:05 Closing remarks: John Stanford, Technical Director
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