Social Benefits

  • Social Benefits

    Project Status

    The IPSASB deferred further work on the project in 2008, pending the development of the Conceptual Framework. The development of a definition of a liability is particularly relevant to this project. Recommended Practice Guideline (RPG) 1, Reporting on the Long-Term Sustainability of an Entity’s Finances was issued in July 2013. The recommendations in this RPG cover social benefits. The IPSASB agreed to restart the project in 2013 and approved the project brief in September 2013.


    Paul Mason

    Task Force

    The Task Force consists of: Michel Camoin, Bob Dacey, Guohua Huang and Thomas Müller-Marqués Berger.

    Objective(s) of project

    Governments and public sector entities provide constituents with social benefits, usually in non-exchange transactions. The objective of the project is to identify the circumstances and manner in which expenses and liabilities of certain social benefits of governments arise. The project will also consider how they should be recognized and measured in the financial statements.



    The development of a new standard (or standards) specifying the recognition and measurement of certain social benefits provided to beneficiaries. The standard or standards will cover cash transfers and the provision of social benefits in kind.


    For many governments and public sector entities, the provision of social benefits is a highly significant part of their operations. The project aims to determine accounting requirements for these social benefits.




    Issues the project intends to consider include (but are not necessarily limited to):

    • Defining social benefits and their sub-categories;
    • Determining the conceptual approach or approaches to be applied; and
    • For each approach considered:
      • Determining when a liability and an expense should be recognized; and
      • Measurement of liabilities.

    Task Force progress / Board discussions to date

    Board discussions to date


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