10-04-07: IAESB 2010-2012 Strategy and Work Plan - Completed

  • 10-04-07: IAESB 2010-2012 Strategy and Work Plan - Completed

    Project Status



    David McPeak

    Objective(s) of project

    To set the direction and priorities for activities of the International Accounting Education Standards Board (IAESB) for the three year period, 2010-2012.


    This project has developed the IAESB 2010-2012 Strategy and Work Plan that focuses on the following activities: revising the IESs in consideration of the IAESB's drafting conventions project; developing implementation guidance for the measurable implementation of the IESs, competency frameworks, and quality control measures for education providers; and promoting greater awareness among academics, regulators, and others of the IAESB's pronouncements and its role in advancing international debate on emerging issues relating to the development and assessment of professional accountants. These activities will assist IFAC member bodies, regulators, employers, academics, and students by prescribing good practice for the learning and development of a professional accountant. The Basis for Conclusions provides background to the project, significant comments received on the exposure draft, and the IAESB's conclusions regarding these comments in developing the final version of the Strategy and Work Plan document.