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July 15, 2020

Has your organization’s continuing professional development (CPD) program been disrupted by COVID-19? Is your organization finding it challenging to transition from in-person CPD to online CPD? Is your organization’s future sustainability at risk due to lack of CPD offerings? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place.

Several IFAC member organizations are ready to assist you with online CPD for your members in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish via the listing below. We encourage you to review their offerings and contact them directly if you are interested.

If you are an IFAC member organization and interested in providing other professional accountancy organizations access to your online CPD (paid or no charge), please contact Alta Prinsloo at This page will be updated with new offerings as they become available.

DO NOT MISS: As we continue to engage with PAOs, we are learning about the education, training, and assessment challenges they are facing and how they are turning them into opportunities. Transitioning to online services is a priority for many. To assist PAOs to continue to comply with internationally-accepted principles in this  rapid transition, IFAC has accelerated the launch of the new, interactive Accountancy Education E-Tool. The e-tool, which is grounded in the International Education Standards, is more than an electronic handbook. It is a comprehensive tool that links the standards and practical implementation support. It is available anywhere and at any time.


Live Online CPD in October

October 6 (8AM - 10AM CET); October 7 (4PM – 6PM CET): Join the Capacity Building Committee (CBC) of the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) for an interesting discussion on Supreme Audit Institutions’ auditing of donor funds. The discussion will help all parties to identify issues, dilemmas as well as good practices, opportunities, and conditions for a sustainable role for SAIs in auditing donor funds.


Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

The recent virus outbreak has inevitably changed the business operations and lifestyles of many, due to work-from-home arrangements or to avoid crowds. We understand there is a growing need for online learning, instead of physically attending CPD events. At ACCA, our priorities at this time are the needs and concerns of our members, partners, and stakeholders, including helping others in the profession through this uncertain period.

We have a wide range of CPD resources, webinars, certificates, and resources, many of which are free or discounted. PAOs can access this information through our dedicated COVID19 CPD hub.

ACCA has been working in close co-operation with our CPD partners, highlighting relevant topics and online resources that may be of support at this time. These are also accessible through the hub and cover areas including:

  • Continuity management
  • Risk management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business planning
  • Cashflow planning and forecasting
  • HR working from home
  • HR wellbeing

Please visit ACCA’s CPD Activities page to access a wide range of online CPD resources covering technical and non-technical areas.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: ACCA is offering a 20% discount on their popular courses for non-ACCA members when using the code: ACCAIFAC. PAOs are encouraged to promote these courses to their members.


Association of International Certified Professional Accountants

As the global effect of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, the AICPA and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) can provide PAOs with proven solutions to delivering high-quality professional education for their members without the need for face to face engagement. The AICPA education and professional development solutions are flexible and synchronize smoothly with your organizations brand.

A wide range of learning is available, including everything from management skills to the latest financial technology topics such as robotic process automation and data analytics. Each course is delivered to your members with your organization’s brand from a learning portal that also carries your organization’s brand. Learners receive a certificate of completion that will allow your organization to track your members ongoing professional development.

Your organization and its members will play a valuable role in the post virus economic recovery. Preparing your members to prosper in that role is something that we can do together. The AICPA learning solutions that deliver remote learning can maintain and grow your professional development mission while opening additional topical areas that will be essential for future success.

For more information on how the AICPA can support your organization or for a demonstration of the learning solutions please watch this recorded webinar (password: 6L#d25O3) and/or contact Robert Fox at


Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand

Communities and businesses across the world face an unprecedented situation during the COVID-19 pandemic and are being called on to adapt and tackle new challenges. The hallmark of our designation is our members’ support for each other and for their clients and communities. CA ANZ is helping members to make a difference throughout the crisis and importantly during recovery.

CA ANZ understands the need for PAOs to provide topical online CPD that will assist their members during this challenging period. As a result, we will regularly update our CPD and resources page in two sections:

  • Wellbeing & growth
  • Supporting business

CA ANZ invites PAOs to review this page often as we continue to update it with relevant CPD opportunities and useful resources that will help professional accountants navigate the personal, business, and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Chartered Professional Accountants Canada

Keep up-to-date with industry trends, technology, and more with an on-demand collection of publications, webinars, and podcasts by accessing CPA Canada’s Free Virtual Learning Resources to Sharpen Your Professional Skills web page

These include:

Ressources en ligne disponible en français

CPA Canada offre une sélection de ressources virtuelles en français sur des sujets variés:

Secteur public

  • Programme de formation axé sur le secteur public: Volet I  Cette formation vous aidera à acquérir les compétences en gestion financière nécessaires pour conseiller des organisations présentant un niveau de complexité faible ou moyen.
  • Gestion de la cybersécurité pour le secteur public . Dans ce cours en ligne élaboré en partenariat avec l’Institut de la gestion financière du Canada, apprenez comment protéger les organisations du secteur public contre les cybermenaces
  • L'éthique dans le secteur public. Affinez votre capacité d’analyse pour maintenir la confiance du public grâce à ce cours sur les valeurs éthiques clés dans le secteur public, offert en partenariat avec l’Institut de la gestion financière du Canada


  • L’éthique et le chef des finances. Dans ce cours en ligne sur l’éthique et le chef des finances vous seront présentées des études de cas interactives, des notions théoriques et des situations réelles où des questions éthiques ont dû être résolues.


For more information about the above topics or to discuss the availability of French virtual learning resources for other topics, please contact Genevieve Grenier at

Note: The Public Sector Certificate Program, Cybersecurity Management for the Public Sector, Ethics in the Public Sector, Ethics for the CFO, Technology Issues Facing CPAs, and Remote Work and Cybersecurity: Tips to Protect your Organization and Staff courses above are also available in English.

Virtual Learning Resources in English

In addition to the above, we offer a wide variety of virtual learning resources in English that are relevant to an international audience, including:

Please contact Genevieve Grenier at to discuss the development of a tailored solution for your PAO.


NEW: CPA Australia

As the business world evolves, it is important for PAOs to make a big impression. That is why CPA Australia is introducing a new short form of certification: micro-credentials. These micro-credentialed courses cover the most in-demand business and finance skills, and are flexible, relevant, and provide life-long learning opportunities. For example, the Digital Finance micro-credentialed courses explore the skills and knowledge necessary to deal with finance and accounting in a digital world and will help you to equip your members with the tools to apply emerging technologies in a real-world context. PAOs are invited to explore CPA Australia’s full range of online offerings.


Colegio de Contadores Públicos de Costa Rica

El Colegio de Contadores Públicos de Costa Rica cuenta con una plataforma de capacitación en línea que se llama e-learning,

Desde hace 10 años el Colegio de Contadores Públicos de Costa Rica, conmemora en mayo, el Mes de la Contaduría Pública (MCP). Para este año, debido al COVID-19, el Colegio ha innovado su metodología al realizar el MCP de manera completamente online y de manera gratuita. Durante todo el mes se llevarán a cabo capacitaciones virtuales en diversos horarios con transmisiones en webinar y Facebook Live.

Para obtener más información comuníquese con Dayanni Picado al correo


Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes

La CNCC offre des formations en ligne, sous forme d’e-learning ou de webinaires. Ces formations donnent lieu à une évaluation de l’acquisition des connaissances en fin de chaque session. Les formations en e-learning se composent de courtes sessions d’une heure ou deux, pouvant être suivies à tout moment selon les disponibilités du participant. Elles portent généralement sur des sujets techniques. Les webinaires qui constituent plutôt des points d’actualité se déroulent en direct et doivent donc être suivis à l’heure où ils sont programmés.

La CNCC invite tous les instituts professionnels comptables francophones à consulter son catalogue de formation et les encourage à relayer ces formations, dont certaines sont gratuites, auprès de leurs propres membres.   En ces temps difficiles de pandémie mondiale, la CNCC est solidaire de tous les instituts francophones.


Conselho Federal de Contabilidade

Para apoiar a profissão contábil durante a pandemia do COVID-19, o Conselho Federal de Contabilidade (CFC) e o Conselho Regional de Contabilidade do Estado de São Paulo (CRCSP) estão oferecendo cursos on-line gratuitamente a outras organizações profissionais de contabilidade por um período de seis meses, a partir de 1º de abril de 2020.

Profissionais e Organizações profissionais de contabilidade interessados devem fazer um cadastro no link ou entrar em contato com Felipe Bastos pelo e-mail para obter maiores informações.

Segue lista:

  1. Abordagens sobre custos e sua aplicabilidade
  2. Aspectos fiscais relacionados ao ICMS e suas respectivas atualizações legais, incluindo a exclusão do ICMS da base de cálculo do PIS e da COFINS
  3. Ativo imobilizado - depreciação e notas explicativas
  4. Ativo imobilizado - definições e componentes do custo de um ativo imobilizado
  5. Cálculos, gestão de custos, "casos práticos"
  6. Contabilidade para pequenas e médias empresas- NBC TG 1000 (R1)
  7. Escrituração contábil fiscal e seus cruzamentos de dados contábeis e fiscais
  8. Estoques- NBC TG 16 (R2)
  9. ITG 1000 - modelo contábil para microempresas e empresas de pequeno porte
  10. Operações de arrendamento mercantil (leasing)- NBC TG 06 (R3) e IFRS 16
  11. Perícia contábil - processo judicial eletrônico e cadastros
  12. Perícia contábil tributária - aspectos gerais e procedimentos de trabalho
  13. Receita de contrato com cliente- NBC TG 47
  14. Redução ao valor recuperável de ativos- NBC TG 01 (R4)
  15. Terceiro setor aspectos contábeis e tributários
  16. Tratamento contábil e fiscal em plataformas digitais
  17. Tributos sobre o lucro - aplicação prática envolvendo a NBC TG 32 (R4) - IAS 12 - CPC 32
  18. Blockchain revolution

Slides da Palestra em Cartagena das Indias – Impactos da Tecnologia em Nossa Profissão – apresentada pelo Vice Presidente Técnico Idésio Coelho.

Recomendamos também as palestras do Encontro Nacional da Mulher Contabilista – Porto de Galinhas(PE) – 2019.


IMA—The Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business

During this period of disruption brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we wish to help others in our profession looking to keep learning and growing in this challenging time.

We encourage you to take advantage of the many valuable resources IMA provides in career support, continuing education courses and webinars, thought leadership, networking, and much more. Free access is offered for a 90-day period and is open to professionals, academics, and students.

This is a time to focus on staying safe while continuing to move forward, together. Access your free IMA resources today.


Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

Free online communities that are open to all. You will find articles, webinars, insights and guidance. Just sign up to join a community to have access to the resources within it. These communities are relevant for PAO’s and their members to join.

Communities popular at the global level include: 

  • Data Analytics The role of the finance professional is changing as businesses expect more insightful analytics from their data. To support data driven decision making, finance professionals need to reassess their skills and develop new ones such as: data preparation, modelling techniques, learn how to use powerful analytical tools and how to present data visually to communicate insight. The ICAEW Data Analytics community will give you access to a curated program of digital learning, use cases, subject matter experts and community resources covering all the essential aspects of data analytics.
  • Corporate Governance Stay up to date with the latest news and developments in corporate governance, which will help you in your work as a corporate governance professional, a member of a board or a non-executive director. This community supports those who are either aspiring or current non-executive directors. A recent webinar was: 7 reasons why being on a board is good for your career and a recent article was 5 Key points about the OECD Guidelines on Responsible Business Conduct for Multinational Enterprises.

Industry-specific communities, although more UK specific, in many cases reflect global trends. As the impact of COVID-19 continues, ICAEW will be developing more content on how each industry is responding to, and being affected by, the crisis.  

Visit the Online Learning from the ICAEW Faculties page containing a selection of recent webinars to help everyone stay up to date.


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Today, the world is facing one of the most defining moments in the history of humankind. What is commendable is the way in which the global community—including the global accountancy profession—is combating this together. The ICAI wishes to play its part, as COVID-19 is challenging significantly PAOs’ ability to deliver in-person CPD to their members. The ICAI is, therefore, offering PAOs free access to the ICAI Digital Learning Hub for a limited period of time.

The ICAI Digital Learning Hub provides state-of-the-art online courses developed by experts. The courses, which include professional and technical content in multiple formats, can be accessed anywhere and anytime through smartphones and other mobile devices and taken in a self-paced manner.

Courses of interest to the international community include digital insights, international taxation, accounting, and auditing and assurance.

To arrange access to the Hub for their members, interested PAOs should contact CA. Mudit Vashishtha at and copy

If you are an individual and interested in any of the courses, please contact your PAOs, requesting they contact The ICAI.


Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland

As the global effect of COVID-19 continues to evolve we have moved our CPD face-to-face courses into virtual Online Classrooms for 2020.

Online Classroom Live offered by our training partner BPP Professional Development, allows your professional accountant and wider business professional members to attend our CPD courses regardless of location. Innovative virtual classroom sessions enable your members to interact and communicate with other attendees, view and discuss presentation materials, and learn—all in an online environment. A wide range of learning programs are available—from the strategically focused accountant and risk management to the latest financial technology topics such as harnessing artificial intelligence and data analytics. 

The key difference between these sessions and our self-paced online courses is that they are live and delivered by instructors who facilitate the session and work through the learning objectives and content in real time. The platform also encourages the exchange of thoughts and ideas among learners.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: BPP are delighted to offer IFAC member organisations the ICAS member discounted price for any of our upcoming OCR Live courses. The reduced price will be applied at checkout. More information can be found on the individual course pages.  PAOs are encouraged to promote these courses to their members.

Self-paced Online Courses

For individuals who cannot commit to live sessions, we are also offering a range of discounted Online Course Bundles, which your members can undertake in their own time.

ICAS Coronavirus hub

ICAS also has a wide range of free webinars and professional resources available. PAOs can access this information through our dedicated COVID19 hub.


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka

At CA Sri Lanka, we take Continuing Professional Development (CPD) very seriously! To complement the dynamic journey of our members to be exceptional professional accountants, CA Sri Lanka has introduced the CPD Online Academy which has been designed to enhance and develop the knowledge and expand the competencies of our members in their capacity as globally sought after Chartered Accountants.

The CPD Online Academy offers a wide range of learning materials, including videos, articles, and quizzes to challenge, stimulate, and inspire our members, whilst allowing them to obtain their CPD hours online, from the comfort of their home or office.

The CPD Online Academy offers a diverse range of subjects for the advancement of Chartered Accountants focusing on Taxation, Business, Marketing, Leadership, Accounting & Finance, IT, Audit & Assurance, Financial Management, Corporate Strategy, Finance Strategy, among many others.

We are pleased to invite PAOs to take advantage of the learning materials available in the CPD Online Academy that might be of interest to your membership. To learn more about how you can gain access, please visit the CPD Online Academy.


Institute of Financial Accountants

IFA continues to adapt the support and guidance it provides to professional accountants as COVID-19 evolves.

The IFA have replaced face-to-face CPD with a range of online courses that are relevant to all professional accountants operating within a small and medium enterprise (SME) or small and medium practice (SMP). The online courses can be assessed globally and cover a range of topics from financial reporting to taxation, financial modelling to softer business skills. In addition, the IFA are continually working with a host of partners to deliver practical, useful, and educational webinars.

Through these online courses and webinars, PAOs’ members can continue their professional development, remain up to date concerning key accounting, tax, and finance matters and help employers and clients prepare for the post Covid-19 accounting and financial landscape.


Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants

ISCA offers a wide range of virtual learning opportunities. Live webinars, delivered through an interactive platform, provide quality content that meets the needs of the profession. The library of e-learning courses covers a variety of topics. ISCA invites PAOs to review the virtual learning opportunities to identify any offerings that might be of relevance to their members. For enquiries on CPD courses, interested PAOs can contact ISCA Continuing Professional Education at


Malaysian Institute of Accountants

With over 30 years of experience in professional development, MIA believes that developing and emerging economy PAOs learn best from each other. MIA’s strength lies in delivering CPD suited to developing and emerging economies, much like that of Malaysia. The COVID-19 catastrophe has temporarily shuttered our traditional learning platforms, and—in line with our strategy to advocate for digital transformation of the profession—MIA has swiftly pivoted to e-learning platforms, as we believe that technology can bridge competency gaps and build capacity across developing PAOs and their members.

MIA has partnered with global organizations to curate the best mix of global and contemporary content relevant for business and accountants, blended with developing and emerging economy perspectives and delivered via a user-friendly and efficient technology platform. Currently, MIA offers 147 e-learning courses that span across accounting standards, finance, practice management, management, technology education including technology certificate programs, risk & governance, and soft skills. We are enriching our content regularly to prepare our members for a post-COVID 19 world. Find out more about our e-learning courses here.

Today, COVID-19 lockdowns are paralyzing economies while saving lives. During this challenging period, accountants are continuing to add value to their organizations and clients by working remotely, and they will be critically needed to support national building when economic engines restart. We hope that you will consider using our professional development programs for your members. These programs are geared to future-proof and build resilience. MIA wishes all PAOs and accountants around the world a swift recovery, sustainability, and renewed success in the new normal. You can reach us at


International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions Capacity Building Committee

The INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee has produced a global inventory of capacity development tools to support the strengthening of supreme audit institutions (SAI)’s capacity and performance. The inventory provides an easy-to-access and user-friendly resource for anyone interested in SAI capacity development. The inventory consists of three sections: (1) Guidelines (2) Case studies, and (3) e-Learning options that have been categorized under the key themes of the SAI Performance Measurement Framework, including:

  • Audit quality and reporting
  • Communication and stakeholder management
  • Financial management, assets, and support (of the SAI)
  • Human resources and training/professional development
  • Internal governance and ethics
  • Needs assessment
  • SAI independence and legal framework

PAOs with members working in the public sector are encouraged to review the inventory and bring relevant resources to the attention of their members.


PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP’s Digital Fitness Assessment (DFA) App now available for everyone.

The DFA will help members of PAOs to stay informed about digital transformation and why it is important to them. It assesses and improves digital awareness, knowledge, and capabilities by:

  • Administering a baseline assessment to identify areas of strength and improvement
  • Offering curated digital content in quick and easy to consume formats
  • Providing weekly opportunities to re-assess one’s Digital Fitness score and track one’s improvement

The DFA will help members of PAOs to become more confident, comfortable, and curious about all things digital. To learn more about how your PAO can gain access, please visit


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