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IESBA Opens Fees Survey
Update: The IESBA has extended their deadline to March 1, 2018 to give stakeholders an extra month to respond to their Fees Questionnaire. 

The International Ethics Standards Board of Accountants (IEBSA) recently opened a public survey to seek individual views about the level of fees charged by audit firms. The survey seeks views and information from stakeholders: investors and other users of financial statements, the corporate governance community, the regulatory and audit oversight community, preparers, firms, national standard setters, IFAC member organizations, academics, and others.

The IESBA is exploring a number of matters related to fees charged by firms to investigate whether there is a need for further enhancements to the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants or to commission of staff guidance. This survey is part of the IESBA’s fact finding efforts and the responses will help inform the IESBA’s consideration of the relevant matters.

Respondents are asked to submit their completed PDF questionnaires via the IESBA website, using the “Submit a Comment” link. Completed questionnaires are requested by  March 1, 2018 

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