IAESB 2010-2013 Strategy and Work Plan

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    Published: Mar 31, 2010

    ISBN 978-1-60815-062-5



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    IAESB 2010-2013 Strategy and Work Plan

    The proposed  2010–2013 Strategy and Work Plan sets the direction and priorities for the activities of the IAESB for the three-year period commencing January 2010. The IAESB projects and activities consider the overall strategy of IFAC, the IAESB’s strategic objective, and its strategic initiatives as described in the IAESB’s Terms of Reference. They respond to significant developments in the environment (a) in which accounting education is provided, and (b) in which standards for such services are set. They also assist the IAESB in working towards global acceptance of its standards, and to establish and maintain relevant partnerships. They are underpinned by the IAESB’s communication initiatives. This section sets out the IAESB’s strategic initiatives, while the next section provides the work plan to implement the Board’s strategy for 2010–2013. 

    IAESB 2010-2013 Strategy and Work Plan (PDF | 132K)
    Date: Sep 07, 2011


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