Enhancing Confidence in the Accountancy Profession to Promote Economic Growth

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    by Graham Ward, CBE, IFAC President (November 2004 to November 2006)

    Jan 20, 2006
    Mumbai, India



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    Enhancing Confidence in the Accountancy Profession to Promote Economic Growth

    There is no question that the international accountancy profession has a unique, critical and practical role to play in building stronger and more stable economies around the globe. In order to fully carry out this role, however, we need to continue to enhance confidence in the profession and to build trust. Investor confidence and public trust empowers our profession. Without it, the credibility of the information we produce, indeed the future of our profession itself, is put at risk. Whether we work in New York or New Delhi, we cannot afford this risk.

    Since corporate fraud and misconduct in the U.S. and elsewhere shook investor confidence and raised questions about the integrity of capital markets and their participants, action has been taken around the globe by governments, regulators, and accountants themselves to strengthen the profession and enhance market integrity.


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