President's Remarks to Council

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    by Graham Ward, CBE, IFAC President (November 2004 to November 2006)

    Nov 10, 2006
    Istanbul, Turkey




    President's Remarks to Council

    Members of Council, fellow professional accountants, distinguished guests, friends. Two years ago, in Paris, you paid me the compliment of electing me as your President and of entrusting me with the opportunity to serve you, the leaders of our great profession of accountancy around the world. At that time our discussion focused on choices: together we were faced with the challenge of choosing to commit to rethink our roles, reshape our organization and recommit to our fundamental responsibilities to protect the public interest.

    We were challenged to have the determination to succeed. We were challenged to up our game and to meet the future with confidence. Looking back over the last two years, I believe that, together, we are meeting those challenges and that both the public interest and our self-respect as a great profession have been well served.


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