Financial Reporting Supply Chain: Theme 2

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    Published: Jun 15, 2010



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    Financial Reporting Supply Chain: Theme 2
    Business Reporting Beyond the Crisis: How to Make Sure That We Don't Tumble Into Another Black Hole

    High-quality financial reporting is at the heart of strong capital markets and sustainable economic growth. All those involved in the financial reporting supply chain play a critical role in the quality and reliability of financial information. 

    In response to the report, Financial Reporting Supply Chain: Current Perspectives and Directions (March 2008), IFAC established a project group to study progress in the areas of governance, financial reporting, and auditing aimed at meeting investor needs. Its first output, Developments in the Financial Reporting Supply Chain-Results from a Global Study among IFAC Member Bodies was issued in February 2009. This study indicated that, although some progress had been made, several significant issues remain unresolved.

    In the final phase of this project, the project group interviewed 25 key business leaders from around the globe on what should be done to improve corporate governance, business reporting, and auditing in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

    These are the second set of interviews, and the summary article.

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    Financial Reporting Supply Chain: Theme 2 (PDF | 138K)
    Business Reporting Beyond the Crisis: How to Make Sure That We Don't Tumble Into Another Black Hole


    Interview with Jane Diplock (PDF | 231K)
    New Zealand, Securities Commission of New Zealand


    Interview with John Coombe (PDF | 224K)
    United Kingdom, Hogg Robinson Group plc, HSBC, Home Retail Group plc


    Interview with Jules Muis (PDF | 239K)
    The Netherlands, Formerly World Bank and European Commission


    Interview with Richard Petty (PDF | 225K)
    Australia, Hong Kong-based investment group


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