Mentoring: The Path to Sustainable Development

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    PAO Development Committee

    Published: Feb 19, 2012
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    Mentoring: The Path to Sustainable Development

    In recent years there has been an increased focus on mentoring activity between professional accountancy organizations (PAOs) as a valuable way of sharing knowledge and transferring sustainable expertise. Recognizing the value of these relationships, IFAC member bodies around the world are working together through twinning arrangements, donor-funded projects, and a wide range of collaborative partnerships to support each other and less-established PAOs.

    In order to support their efforts, and encourage more PAOs to participate in this activity, the IFAC PAO Development Committee has created the Mentoring Program, a key initiative under the Committee’s 2011-2014 strategy aimed at enhancing mentoring partnerships. This brochure details some of the goals of the Mentoring Program.

    Materials from the Mentoring Workshop and the Event Summary are also available.


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