Strategy Implementation Plan - 2014

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    Published: Nov 15, 2013
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    Strategy Implementation Plan - 2014

    This Strategy Implementation Plan—2014 highlights shifts in emphasis and priority as IFAC implements its strategy. Using IFAC’s Strategic Plan for 2013-2016 as the starting point, the Plan aligns the strategic objectives with four operating lines. The strategic objectives have been repositioned slightly to present IFAC’s key areas of focus.

    This Plan presents the strategy in a streamlined, easy-to-read format. The Plan starts with the outcomes IFAC seeks to influence and presents IFAC’s vision and mission and the impact of the environment in which IFAC operates. The Plan explains how IFAC plans to maximize opportunities and minimize risk while achieving its strategic objectives. It also presents identified cross-cutting themes (or enablers) that help IFAC achieve these strategic objectives.

    Strategy Implementation Plan - 2014 (PDF | 1.3 MB)
    Date: Nov 15, 2013


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