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2023 IFAC EdExchange Summit: Integrity in a Transforming World

Dates: October 16 - 18, 2023


Integrity and ethics are cornerstones of the accountancy profession, underpinning professional accountants’ public interest responsibility setting our profession apart. We regularly encounter challenges to our integrity and ethics, challenges that continue to rapidly evolve.

Sponsored by Learnsignal, join IFAC and more than two dozen speakers and panelists from around the world for our three-day virtual summit to discuss how we maintain our focus on integrity and ethics related to economic crime, sustainability reporting and related assurance and artificial intelligence.

Click below for speaker and session information. The EdExchange Summit will air in English with live interpretation in Arabic, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

  • Day 1: Integrity & the Fight Against Corruption, October 16, 8-11 am US EDT

    Featuring sessions on confronting fraud, the award-winning film “All too Familiar”, and a conversation on the necessity of collaboration to fight corruption

    • Opening Remarks: Asmâa Resmouki, President, IFAC
    • If Crime Never Stops, How Can Public Trust Be Gained?
      • Julie Linn Teigland, Area Managing Partner, Europe, Middle East, India and Africa, EY, kicks off the first day of our Summit addressing the role of the profession in combating economic crime and corruption. Professional accountants clearly have an important role to play; by leading in this space, the global accountancy profession serves the public interest in every country.
    • Accountability Unveiled: Lessons from South Africa's State Capture Scandal
      • Freeman Nomvalo, Chief Executive Officer, South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, shares lessons learnt from South Africa’s State Capture scandal. Freeman will reflect on the role accountants played both in enabling and fighting the associated corruption. He will also share lessons that the profession can learn to ensure we are proactive in preventing similar economic crimes and corruption.
    • ICAEW’s Award Winning Training Film, “All Too Familiar”
      • The impact of money laundering is devastating; it allows the proceeds of crime to be washed through legitimate bank accounts or businesses and funds other serious crimes such as modern slavery, drug trafficking, fraud, corruption, and terrorism. All Too Familiar™ is a high-quality training film created by ICAEW in collaboration with HMRC which explores the degree of trust still placed in personal and professional relationships and whether enough skepticism is being used in the fight against economic crime.
    • Unlocking Success: A Dynamic Discussion on the Power of Collaboration
      • As we note in IFAC’s Action Plan for Fighting Corruption and Economic Crime, it is not enough for professional accountants to fight alone. Moderated by Chuck Salter, Senior Vice President, Editorial, Edelman New York, hear from Nicola Allocca, Risk, Business Integrity, Resilience and Quality Director, Autostrade per l’Italia, and Chair of Business at OECD (BIAC) Anti-Corruption Committee, Michelle Giddings, Head of AML and Operations, ICAEW, and Dorothea Malloy, Sr. Policy Advisor, U.S. Agency for International Development, on the imperative for co-operation in addressing corruption.
    • Closing Reflections: Scott Hanson, Director, IFAC
  • Day 2: Integrity & Sustainability, October 17, 8-11 am US EDT

    Featuring sessions on the intersection of integrity and sustainability reporting and assurance, a just transition to net zero, and avoiding the risk of greenwashing

    • Championing Transparency: Navigating the Path to Integrity in Sustainability Reporting
      • Laurie Endsley, Vice-Chair of the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants, kicks of our day two focus on sustainability with some of the ethical considerations needed for professional accountants as they tackle our new role in sustainability reporting.
    • The Crucial Role of Assurance in High-Quality Sustainability Reporting
      • As it has done for many decades, external assurance plays a key role in enhancing trust and confidence in financial reporting. Extending the professions role in non-financial reporting with the increasing need for sustainability information is critical. Warren Maroun, IAASB member and Professor of Accounting and Auditing at the University of the Witwatersrand's School of Accountancy, takes us through the IAASB’s goal of enhancing the trust and confidence investors, regulators and other stakeholders have in sustainability information, and the work that has culminated tin the development of a landmark, global sustainability assurance standard.
    • Sustainability Reporting: Strategies for Trust and Integrity Amidst the Greenwashing Challenge
      • David Madon, Director, Sustainability, Policy & Regulatory Affairs, IFAC, leads us through the most recent findings of IFAC’s State of Play research series on the accountancy profession’s pivot [or evolution] to delivering sustainability reporting and assurance. David will also shed light on the shift to achieving net zero emissions and the risk of greenwashing – and importance of avoiding it.
    • Professional Accountants’ Vital Role in Safeguarding Sustainability Reporting Integrity
      • Building on the presentations from earlier in the day, hear from our expert panel on the importance of accountants through the lens of investors, those charged with governance, and those responsible for developing necessary knowledge and skills. Stathis Gould, Director of Member Engagement, IFAC, moderates panelists Rients Abma, Executive Director, Eumedion, Helle Bank Jorgensen, CEO and Founder, Competent Boards; Yoichi Mori, Chair, Corporate Disclosure Committee and Technical Director, JICPA; and Linda Kidwell, Professor, Nova Southeastern University in the US.
    • Ensuring Integrity in Sustainability Reporting and Disclosures – and Avoiding the Risk of Greenwashing
      • What does it take to ensure integrity of sustainability reporting and disclosures? Julie Greene, Chief Sustainability Officer, Olam Group and Olam Agri, will share from the practical experiences of Olam Agri about the complexity of collecting sustainability data and integrating systems, and the extent of collaboration required across business functions to ensure the quality of reporting and disclosure.
    • Closing Reflections: Anne-Marie Vitale, Chair, IFAC International Panel on Accountancy Education
  • Day 3: Integrity & Ethics in Artificial Intelligence, October 18, 8-11 am US EDT

    Featuring sessions on the interplay between ethics and AI and how to use AI ethically and a special Global Ethics Day panel on why integrity matters to us all, every day

    • Ethics and AI: Tackling Risks Head-On and Shaping Ethical AIs
      • Continuing the Summit’s theme of ethics in a transforming world, Dr. Kendra Vant, an industry leader in building data-driven products with a passion for helping businesses explore deeper uses of data and AI, takes us through her thoughts on the imperative for professionals to embrace AI and the associated ethical considerations. Dr. Vant brings an academic and technical yet pragmatic lens to this complex area.
    • The Art of Teaching Ethics in AI
      • Teaching behavioral skills and competencies, including those that involved ethics, is one of the harder education elements to take on. AI provides new opportunities to teach and learn some of these skills. Dr. Cory Ng, CFO, Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs, joins us to discuss some of the current trends in ethics and AI research and teaching.
    • Balancing Innovation and Ethics: AI Policy and Practical Insights
      • When taking on a new challenge, like using technology, it is important to arm ourselves with knowledge to better understand the associated risks to our ethics and the integrity of our work. AI experts Anastasia Chalkidou, Co-founder, Quantum BITS, will moderate this session with fellow AI experts Thomas Boué, Director General, Policy Business Software Alliance and Alon Amit, Vice President, Product Management, Intuit, as they discuss some of the policy and practical recommendations for the profession to consider when using AI
    • [Bonus Session] Global Ethics Day 2023: Unraveling the Origins of Our Ethics
      • To celebrate Global Ethics Day, join International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants’ leaders and staff as they recount pivotal moments that shaped their ethical compass. From confronting workplace dilemmas to transformative ethics courses, and even childhood lessons, we’ll explore the diverse tapestry of experiences that form our ethical foundations. Join us as we ponder: does the source of our ethics influence its strengths and authenticity?
    • Closing Reflections: Kevin Dancey, IFAC CEO