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The International Federation of Accountants, headquartered in New York, NY, USA, employs skilled professionals who are involved in a wide range of technical and professional activities—including standard setting, strategy development, communications, and policy development.

Many of these individuals support the work of the standard-setting boards and IFAC's advisory groups, which address issues related to auditing and assurance services, education, ethics, public sector accounting, small- and medium-sized practices, professional accountancy organization development, compliance, and issues pertaining to professional accountants employed in business..

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Summer Internship Program

An internship can serve as a pivotal stepping stone for launching a thriving career. It provides a valuable opportunity to gain practical experience, develop essential skills, and build a strong professional foundation.

IFAC’s 8-week paid summer internship program is specifically designed for undergraduate and Master's degree students. It presents you with the opportunity to apply your academic knowledge into real-world experiences and learn directly from international industry leaders. The internship features tailored mentorship, cross-functional collaboration, networking opportunities, industry exposure, and much more. As the global voice for the accountancy profession, IFAC opens up a wealth of possibilities for your professional development and growth.

Interns will have the ability to work in one of the following departments:

Accountancy Education

Works on a global approach to advancing accountancy education by staying up to date on the challenges posed by a rapidly changing environment and ensuring accountants have the necessary skills and competencies to succeed.


Develops and executes strategies across various media platforms that advance the global accountancy profession and IFAC’s public interest mission. This includes oversight of all executive and leadership communications, media relations, digital and social communications, and reputation management.


Provides management support and coordination for IFAC’s budgeting and financial activities.

Human Capital

Develops and implements the human resource strategy of the organization, specifically in the areas of talent management, organizational and performance management, learning and development and compensation.