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IFAC Officers

Asmâa Resmouki

Asmâa Resmouki
President, IFAC

Jean Bouquot
Deputy President, IFAC

Kevin Dancey
Chief Executive Officer, IFAC


IFAC Board of Directors

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IFAC Senior Management

Jennifer DiClerico
Head of Communications

Claudio Girolami
Chief Technology Officer

Stathis Gould
Director, Member Engagement and PAIB

Russell Guthrie
Chief Financial Officer

Scott Hanson
Director, Policy & Global Engagement

Linda Lach
Director, Governance

David Madon
Director, Sustainability, Policy & Regulatory Affairs

Helen Partridge
Director, Accountancy Education

Elaine Young
Head of Human Capital

Barry Naik
Director, Forum of Firms

  • Past Presidents

    IFAC is led by its President, who is nominated by a member body and appointed by the IFAC Council. The following individuals have served as President of IFAC:

    1. Reinhard Goerdeler, Germany (1977–1980)
    2. Gordon Cowperthwaite, Canada 1980–1982)
    3. Washington SyCip, Philippines (1982–1985)
    4. Robert May, United States (1985–1987)
    5. Richard Wilkes, United Kingdom (1987–1990) 
    6. Bertil Edlund, Sweden (1990–1992)
    7. Peter Agars, Australia (1992–1995)
    8. Juan Herrera, Dominican Republic (1995–1997)
    9. Frank Harding, United Kingdom (1997–2000)
    10. Tsuguoki Fujinuma, Japan (2000–2002)
    11. René Ricol, France (2002–2004)
    12. Graham Ward, United Kingdom (2004–2006)
    13. Fermín del Valle, Argentina (2006–2008)
    14. Robert Bunting, United States (2008–2010)
    15. Göran Tidström, Sweden (2010-2012)
    16. Warren Allen, New Zealand (2012-2014)
    17. Olivia Kirtley, United States (2014-2016)
    18. Rachel Grimes, Australia (2016-2018)
    19. Dr. In-Ki Joo, Korea, Republic of (2018-2020)
    20. Alan Johnson, United Kingdom (2020-2022)

    IFAC's current President is Asmâa Resmouki, who became President in November 2022.


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