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Make Way for Gen Z: Identifying What Matters Most to the Next Generation

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Generation Z, those born from the mid-1990's to the mid-2000's, are soon to enter the workforce. A survey of 3,300+ Gen Z'ers across G20 countries examines this generation's views on public policy and the workplace. 

The survey finds that Gen Z is concerned for the economy and their job prospects. Globally, Gen Z'ers identified economic stability, job opportunities and quality education as their top public policy priorities. 

When it comes to their career expectations, Gen Z seeks a stable career, competitive salary and benefits and work-life balance.

Set to be the largest generation, employers would be well-suited to understand the priorities of next-generation talent. Understanding Gen Z priorities will also be important for policy makers, as public policy debates increasingly involve inter-generational trade-offs in wealth, living standards and sustainability.

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