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IFAC Member Body Compliance Program: 2019 Work Program

| Annual Reports and Plans

Every year, IFAC develops a work plan for the Member Body Compliance Program that is consistent with IFAC’s strategy. This work plan is developed with advice and oversight from the Compliance Advisory Panel.

In keeping with IFAC’s planned Program review during 2019 to ensure a fit-for-purpose approach to quality membership, the Compliance strategy for 2016-2018 was extended through 2019. Therefore, the Program continues its focus in three core areas.

  • Promoting and supporting professional accountancy organization (PAOs) quality and their work by providing guidance and support, sharing of experiences and resources, and connecting PAOs to mentors and other stakeholders through forums and workshops.
  • Promoting and disseminating information on international standards adoption and implementation via the IFAC website, publication of a comprehensive global status report and communications, including social and traditional media coverage.
  • Advancing analysis and enhancing reporting, including outreach and engagement with the international standard-setting boards, case and impact studies, and exploration of enhanced web-based Statements of Membership Obligations Action Plans.
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