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Trust and Integrity

The Accountancy Profession’s Call for Action by the G-20
| Comment Letters

2016 is a crucial year for G-20 countries and the global economy, with new opportunities to create an environment of sustainable, inclusive growth. Given the increasingly interconnected economy, achieving this kind of growth depends on improving integrity and transparency and, in turn, restoring trust in business and government alike.

Accountancy plays a critical role in achieving transparency in the global economy, contributing almost USD $600 billion in gross value added each year, and enabling capital flows, economic activity, and higher standards of living.

Organizations and individuals must be empowered by strong governance in the business and public sectors, underpinned by a coherent public policy and regulatory environment. To these ends, the global accountancy profession calls on the G-20 to enhance sustainable growth through:

  • Stronger governance for trust and integrity in business and public sector; and
  • Creation of a cooperative, consistent, and smart global regulatory environment.

Strong financial management, transparency, accountability and enhanced governance are essential for sustainable, long-term economic growth that benefits the world’s citizens. IFAC urges policy consensus backed up by ongoing cooperation among G-20 countries and across the globe.

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