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This year, World Investor Week is October 2nd to 8th. We are happy to once again partner with the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) to create several videos for World Investor Week. Part of IFAC’s mandate to serving the public interest is improving financial literacy, including the financial literacy of non-accountants, and these videos are intended to help investors grasp the fundamentals of accounting, allowing non-accountants to better understand how accounting and investment intersect.

For World Investor Week 2023, IFAC has created two new videos. “What is Assurance?” and “What is Sustainability Assurance?” explain a fundamental accounting concept in basic terms, and in the context of sustainability. These videos are intended to be understood by first-time and lifelong investors alike. With a better understanding of assurance, investors will have a more well-rounded understanding the financial well-being of potential investments and to foster trust in the accountancy profession. 

For those interested in learning other accounting fundamentals, please see our work for World Investor Week 2022 and 2021. These short, informative videos are intended to help break down the role of accountants and explain why the work that they do is critical to investors. “Understanding ESG Reporting”, “What is an Audit”, and “What is Professional Accountancy?” are also IFAC’s top three performing YouTube videos since their release, with close to 16,000 views.