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Greg Owens, International Accounting Education Standards Board member, discusses some of the challenges the IAESB will be addressing in the future, which are also addressed in the recent Consultation Paper, Meeting Future Expectations of Professional Competence: A Consultation on the IAESB’s Future Strategy and Priorities. The public comment period for the Consultation Paper closes on March 8—don’t forget to share your thoughts with the IAESB soon.

In the first video, Greg emphasizes the need for post-implementation review of the International Education Standards, developing implementation support mechanisms for IFAC member organizations, and the necessary skillsets for accountants. In the second video, he focuses on the need for the IAESB to consider how accountants can developing the skills they will need for professional skepticism—in initial training and curricula, “sense checking” information throughout your career, in the financial reporting supply chain, and in continuing professional development.

Part One:

Part Two:

Greg Owens

Mr. Greg Owens was nominated by BDO LLP to serve on the International Panel on Accountancy Education (IPAE) in 2019 and re-appointed in 2021.

Prior to serving on the IPAE, Greg was a member of the International Accounting Education Standards Board (IAESB) (2014-2019) having previously served as a technical advisor (2008-2014). During this time, Greg served on a number of working groups, task forces, the steering committee and was Deputy Chair in 2019.

Greg is currently a Director in BDO's Global Assurance Department where has helped to develop and support his network's technology, methodology and learning resources for use by BDO firms. Since 2000, Greg has also trained or presented in over 35 countries and has represented his firm in a number of educational working groups (such as the ICAEW's Assessment Committee and Syllabus/Curriculum groups) as well as cross-firm/employer working groups (such as the UK's apprenticeship qualification). Greg has experience in auditing financial services, manufacturing, and hospitality clients, providing audit methodology support to engagement teams, performing file reviews and liaising with audit regulators.

Mr. Owens is a politics & economics graduate who qualified as a Chartered Accountant (ICAEW) in 2000 and became a Fellow Chartered Accountant in 2010.