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IFAC and the International Accountancy Education Transition Advisory Group (IAETAG) recently held a second multi-stakeholder webinar to update the accountancy education community on the transition to a new approach to advancing accountancy education at the global level. The first Multi-stakeholder Webinar, which was held in December 2019, can be accessed here. A multi-stakeholder survey conducted after the first webinar indicated strong support for the new approach.

Participants in the webinar heard about the new comprehensive and integrated approach, which is designed to be relevant, responsive, effective, and open, and has the following main features:

  • Harnesses IFAC’s comparative advantages—natural facilitator, trusted intermediary, global knowledge-sharing platform, and influential voice—to respond to challenges and opportunities in an agile, effective, and efficient manner
  • Benefits from the advice, access to resources and knowledge, and advocacy provided by an International Panel on Accountancy Education (Panel)
  • Draws on the output of a Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Framework
  • Optimizes the use of resources and knowledge across all IFAC activities
  • Very importantly, leverages the resources and knowledge of IFAC member organizations and others