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Plugging the Net-Zero Information Gap—The Role of Investors, Accountants and Capital Markets


IFAC and the ACCA are collaborating on a third consecutive New York Climate Week event on 20th September. This event will bring together investment, finance & accounting professionals to discuss how climate information and reporting can be improved to meet business and investor needs. As chief stewards of business information, accountants need to ensure that investors and decision makers within organizations have access to high-quality climate-related information to understand the current and prospective impact of climate change on an organization, and its strategy, risk management and financial position and prospects.

A panel discussion moderated by Patrick Temple-West, Journalist, Financial Times, will feature: 

  • Merilee Buckley, Chief Accounting Officer, Etsy 
  • Richard Manley, Managing Director, Head of Sustainable Investing, Global Leadership Team at CPP Investments 
  • Munazzeel Riasat, Chief Executive Officer, IBC Power Limited 
  • Wan Shamilah Saidi, Senior General Manager, Group Corporate Finance, PETRONAS
  • Jen Sisson, EMEA Head of Stewardship, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Coverage areas:

  • CFO/controller priorities for understanding, measuring, and communicating climate impacts, risks and opportunities and their challenges in improving decision making and external reporting.
  • Investor and asset manager priorities for enhancing transparency and reporting on climate change.
  • The Financial Stability Board’s Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations to ensure that climate-related risk and opportunities are strategically managed and communicated.
  • Although TCFD disclosures are improving, climate risks tend not to be quantified and the current and prospective financial impacts on revenues, expenditures, assets, and liabilities can be unclear.
  • Implications for the new International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) and its development of a climate-related reporting standard.
  • Key points to keep in mind for the upcoming 2021 reporting cycle.

To address these areas is critical in building a bridge between accountants, decision makers within organizations and investors so they have the information they need to steer business and capital markets toward decarbonization.

Click Here to view event recording