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From Crisis to Confidence: Good Regulation, Governance, and Culture

Roundtable Highlights
| Surveys & Reports

On July 20, 2016 more than 50 senior executives, regulators, professionals, and academics gathered in Chartered Accountants Hall, London to discuss and debate how the global regulatory environment can be enhanced—with an ultimate goal of improving confidence in the financial and capital markets, business, and government. The second in a series of international discussions, the roundtable convened experienced individuals from a broad range of sectors and businesses across the economy—with an emphasis on the financial sector and professional services—individuals who have a deep understanding of the issues and their impacts.

This paper summarizes the discussion, including several imperatives for global regulation, which emphasized that public trust in the financial and capital markets, business, and government depends not only on effective, smart regulation, but also on strong governance that embeds the right cultures, ethics, and values.

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