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Developing a Future-Ready Profession

Sharing Knowledge, Ideas, and Experience
| Surveys & Reports

Following on the fundamental reorientation the IFAC Professional Accountants in Business Committee made to its meetings and communications in 2016, this report shares the knowledge, ideas, and experience of the committee on developing a future-ready profession.

The main themes in the report, and in the meeting it flows from, are:

  • digital disruption and rapid cognitive business development;
  • the continued evolution of the profiles of finance leadership and accountants in business;
  • effective risk management;
  • how integrated reporting can lead to better reporting outcomes; and
  • how the new media landscape is changing the way we communicate.

The report is designed to be accessible, with improved navigation, summaries that enable a fast read; and clearly identified future actions and recommendations.


This new approach to meetings and after-action reports is designed to:

  • create effective connections between IFAC and professional accountancy organizations to enhance the relevance to professional accountants in business;
  • build the capacity of IFAC and the wider professional accountants in business community to respond to emerging issues affecting them; and
  • deliver greater value to the meeting participants.
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