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IFAC Member Body Compliance Program: 2018 Work Program

| Annual Reports and Plans

Consistent with IFAC’s Strategy implementation approach, the Quality & Development (Q&D) staff, with the advice and oversight of the Compliance Advisory Panel (CAP), prepare annual work programs to implement the IFAC Member Compliance Program Strategy: 2016–2018.

In 2018, the staff of the IFAC Member Compliance Program, in addition to its core activities, will focus on: 

  1. Implementation of the Enhanced Enforcement Framework: staff will continue to monitor the level of SMO fulfillment of IFAC member organizations with the objective to provide support to those PAOs that experience challenges in meeting their obligations to IFAC through developing additional guidance, outreach activities, and connecting them with donor community and other resources.
  2. Advanced analysis and enhanced reporting on the status of adoption and SMO fulfillment: staff will continue to prepare DBRs as part of the SMO Action Plan update process.  DBRs will continue to inform Member Organization and Country Profile webpages and the annual Adoption and SMO Fulfillment Report. More focus will be placed on producing analysis of data collected through the Program and enhancing the Program’s external communication activities. 
  3. Review of Compliance Program Tools: the staff will review the format of the SMO Action Plan and explore the potential of using other tools for data collection and reporting.
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