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Strategic Plan

2022 and Beyond
| Annual Reports and Plans

We are firmly in an age of disruption. No matter what the “new normal” looks like, it will not look that way for long.

To anticipate events—as a society and as a profession—we need to see them as the effects of simultaneous and dynamic trends. The climate crisis and digitalization are accelerating at the same time; the effects of each trend will influence the other, and in turn, shape and re-shape our lives, livelihoods, and environment. The same could be said of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the next public health emergency—and the one after that.

Urgent challenges will continue to demand urgent responses. IFAC’s Strategic Plan for 2022 and beyond rises to the occasion.

Times will change, priorities will shift, and new questions will arise. Our goal is not only to react, but to anticipate. That is a difficult task. The future depends on countless interconnected choices of stakeholders across government, business, and society. Unexpected events continue to remind us that enormous externalities can upend even the most carefully considered plans.

This plan is designed as a timeless strategic framework designed to drive our strategic actions. IFAC’s Vision and Purpose remain durable, as have our Strategic Objectives— as they relate to speaking out on behalf of the global profession, future-readiness, and supporting international standard setting. But we recognize that our specific actions will require more agility and creativity than a static document can give.

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