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New IFAC Insights Report Connects Educational Programming and Emerging Trends

Nov 30, 2022 | New York, New York | English

To guide professional accountancy organizations (PAOs) in how they can act today to prepare their current and future members to seize opportunities presented by emerging trends, IFAC has published a new report with insights from its Professional Accountancy Organization Development and Advisory Group. These insights address four emerging trends—sustainability-related reporting, anti-corruption efforts, sound public financial management, and technological change—that will help PAOs ensure their own and their members’ resilience, relevance and adaptability today and into the future.

The PAO Development and Advisory Group encourages PAOs to consider how their educational programming can respond to these trends, and engage accordingly with their education stakeholders. Actioning some or all of the insights in the new report will help PAOs improve their value proposition and the attractiveness of the profession, while helping address issues that are fundamental to the public interest.