IFAC SMP Quick Poll: 2012 Round-Up

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    Surveys & Reports

    SMP Committee

    Published: Jan 30, 2013
    46 Pages

    ISBN 978-1-60815-141-7



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    IFAC SMP Quick Poll: 2012 Round-Up

    This report provides a summary and, where appropriate, analysis and commentary including possible limitations of the data from the poll conducted November 21-December 31, 2012. This edition of the poll received 3,767 responses and was conducted in 17 languages.

    Intended to take a snapshot of key issues facing this sector, the poll provides practitioners operating in small- and medium-sized practices (SMPs) around the world the opportunity to share their insights on key trends and developments facing them and their small business clients. The results are critical to IFAC and its member bodies gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by SMPs globally.

    See also previous editions of the poll.

    IFAC SMP Quick Poll: 2012 Round-Up (PDF | 2.4 MB)
    Date: Jan 30, 2013


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