Mentoring Insights - The Mentor Perspective

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    PAO Development Committee

    Published: May 21, 2012
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    Mentoring Insights - The Mentor Perspective
    Event Summary

    In February 2012, the PAO Development Committee hosted Mentoring Insights—The Mentor Perspective in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The aim of the workshop was to facilitate and encourage information exchange regarding the various aspects of mentoring through a mixture of presentations and interactive discussion sessions.

    The event was attended by over 40 participants representing 19 countries. This included representatives from four IFAC Recognized Regional Organizations and Acknowledged Accountancy Groupings and member bodies from countries including Australia, Canada, China, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom.

    The two key objectives of the workshop were to:

    1. Launch the Mentoring Program and obtain early input from a range of mentor organizations for its key deliverables. Feedback will be used to enhance and refine the PAO Development Committee’s future activities under the Program—in particular the mentoring toolkit.
    2. Recognize and highlight the corporate social responsibility of more established institutions to contribute to efforts to strengthen the global accountancy profession, emphasizing the collective responsibility of influential IFAC members to advance the global profession in the public interest.
    The extended agenda for the event, Mentoring: The Path to Sustainable Development, and materials from the event also available.

    Mentoring Insights - The Mentor Perspective Event Summary (PDF | 474K)
    Date: May 21, 2012
    Author: PAO Development Committee


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