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Strategic Plan

| Annual Reports and Plans

IFAC’s Strategic Plan is a global roadmap designed to help guide the work of the accountancy profession. It reflects the priorities of our 180 member organizations, which collectively serve the public interest by ensuring that society has access to a robust, ethical and future ready workforce of professional accountants.

Our Strategic Plan is evergreen by design. First, it is anchored by IFAC’s three strategic objectives, which are durable and have proven themselves over time. Second, it is informed by our “always on” engagement with stakeholders to make sure that we are able to anticipate and be responsive to global trends, emerging opportunities and developing risks.

In 2022, we introduced our IMPACT approach, a framework to prioritize and articulate the value of our work, and to ensure that our various stakeholders understand not only what professional accountants do, but why we do it and how we contribute to the public interest.

Each year, we take the opportunity to reassess our work, factoring in input from our various stakeholders and the external environment, so that we can evolve as appropriate and continue driving positive change. The IMPACT Approach, our Focus Areas, and the specific Actions we have committed to pursue in collaboration with our stakeholders are presented in this Plan.

It is important to note that IFAC cannot achieve IMPACT on its own. We thank our members organizations, associates, and affiliates; our network partners; the Forum of Firms; and our many other stakeholders whose input and partnership are invaluable in achieving purposeful change. The success of our Strategic Plan and our IMPACT approach, and the consequent resiliency of the profession to act in the public interest, depends on a shared vision, mutual cooperation and ongoing collaboration.

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