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Executing the Board’s Governance Responsibility for Integrated Reporting

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Boards of directors need to oversee multiple internal assurance activities across organizations in discharging their responsibilities for the integrity of integrated reporting. 

A key feature of integrated reporting is the board of directors’ responsibility for the integrity of the integrated report and underling reporting processExecuting the Board’s Governance Responsibility for Integrated Reporting is the second installment in IFAC’s integrated reporting assurance series, developed together with the Institute of Internal Auditors, with input from the Value Reporting Foundation. It highlights how boards execute their governance responsibility for integrated reporting and integrated reports. 

Installment one, Accelerating Integrated Reporting Assurance in the Public Interest, outlined the importance of independent external integrated reporting assurance engagements to investors and companies and how to deliver these to enhance the credibility of integrated reports. This second installment considers how internal assurance activities can be organized in support of boards discharging their responsibility for the integrated report and underlying reporting process. Board accountability for integrated reports and executing a cohesive and coordinated internal approach to integrated reporting assurance provide the basis for improving the quality of integrated corporate reports and better preparing organizations for external assurance. 

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