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G20: Build Trust. Inspire Confidence.

Presentation by Alessandra Segatelli, Controllership Director - LatAm, Natura & Co


Restoring Public Trust and Confidence in the Global Economy with 10 Clear Actions

Leaders in government, business, and professions must inspire confidence in order to help rebuild eroded trust in the institutions supporting the global economy. We need to foster institutions and governance models that can anticipate, respond to, and mitigate future crises.

Organizations and individuals must be empowered by strong public and private sector governance. Governments must collaborate to generate a consistent, transparent regulatory and policy environment that inspires growth and investment-generating confidence.

With a crucial role enabling capital flows, economic activity, and higher living standards, the global accountancy profession recommends 10 clear actions to help restore public trust and confidence in the global economy and its institutions.

Stronger Governance for Trust and Confidence in Business and Government

Strong governance is the key to accomplishing the G20 objectives of building resilience, improving sustainability, and assuming responsibility, and is essential for regaining the public’s trust and inspiring confidence.
  1. Collaborate to tackle corruption and advance responsible conduct
  2. Create a secure and digital-ready investment environment across G20 countries
  3. Embrace integrated reporting in all G20 countries
  4. Strengthen governance in the public and private sectors
  5. Enhance public financial management

An Effective, Coherent, Transparent Global Economic Environment for Growth, Confidence, and Stability

Regaining public trust and inspiring people’s confidence requires regulatory approaches that fulfil their promises, and provide a sound footing for growth and opportunities across the economy—from small business owners to workers at all income levels, large businesses, and international investment.
  1. Create an environment for small- and medium-sized entity growth and inclusiveness
  2. Collaborate for a coherent international tax system
  3. Make regulation smarter, and more effective in G20 countries
  4. Create a consistent, transparent global regulatory environment
  5. Implement internationally-accepted standards to enhance confidence, growth, and stability in the global economy and financial system