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Who We Are

Professional Accountancy Organization Development & Advisory Group

Established November 2005

The Advisory Group helps IFAC support strong, sustainable professional accountancy organizations—the most effective, efficient, and sustainable source for advancing the accountancy profession—around the world as part of the IFAC’s capacity building efforts. The Advisory Group actively contributes to IFAC’s strategic objectives, especially in preparing a future-ready profession. It primarily focuses on:

  • Raising awareness on PAO development best practice;
  • Facilitating adoption and implementation knowledge sharing; and
  • Empowering PAOs with guidance, leadership, and technical assistance.

Advisory Group members come from both developed and developing economies and represent a variety of different sectors of the economy and the profession. They are nominated and supported by IFAC members. Committee meetings and workshops often include donor agencies, regional organizations, and non-member PAOs to generate expansive knowledge-sharing.

Key Contacts
  • Dana Jensen, Senior Manager
  • Tanya Musumhi, Manager


Jelena Misita, Chair Bosnia and Herzegovina
Joselin Martin, Deputy Chair United States of America
Alhaji Razak Jaiyeola Nigeria
Andrew Conway Australia
Ardiana Bunjaku Kosovo
Anas Abouelmikias Morocco
Berry Wammes Netherlands
Farrukh Rehman Pakistan
Gladeys Jill A. Santos Philippines
Khalid Hamid United Kingdom
Mamour Fall Senegal
Mkombozi Karake Rwanda
Panagiotis Alamanos Greece
Sheree Ebanks Cayman Islands