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Doing the Right Thing Even When No One Is Looking Part III: Your Built-In Compass

Mats Olsson  | 

In the third part of this video series, IFAC SMP Committee Member Partner at Adrian & Partners AB Mats Olsson discusses the importance of integrity and stresses moral courage as a key aspect. “Our image is what people think we are but our integrity is what we really are.”

Mats Olsson

Partner, Adrian & Partners AB

Mats Olsson is partner and one of the founders of Adrian & Partners AB. Adrian & Partners is a medium-sized practice in Gothenburg, Sweden, that works primarily with small- and medium-sized owner-led client companies. He has higher education in accounting as well as business law. Mr. Olsson was previously the Deputy Chair of  the IFAC SMPC and chair of its Task Force for Small Business Support.