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The Fast Future With IFAC Podcast Series: Episode Two

Mar 16, 2022 | English

The Fast Future With IFAC is a conversational podcast series that features innovative small- and medium-sized practitioners sharing how they’re adapting to the rapidly changing global economy.

Episode Two features our recent discussion with Ron Baker, an American professional accountant and an eminent leader in the field of value pricing. He has spoken, written, and taught on the subject around the world since 1995. He hosts his own podcast, The Soul of Enterprise: Business in the Knowledge Economy, and is co-founder of the VeraSage Institute, a think tank dedicated to educating professionals internationally.

Our host, IFAC principal Kristy Illuzzi, spoke with Ron about many pressing issues facing SMPs, including:

  • Deepening relationships with clients
  • Pricing value rather than costs
  • Disruptions to business models
  • Subscription pricing
  • Talent attraction and retention

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