IFAC SMP Quick Poll: 2011 Round-Up

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    Surveys & Reports

    SMP Committee

    Published: Feb 01, 2012
    36 Pages

    ISBN 978-1-60815-115-8



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    IFAC SMP Quick Poll: 2011 Round-Up

    This report summarizes and analyzes the responses from the fourth quarter poll of 2011, conducted from November 17 to December 19, 2011. The report also illustrates the SMP Committee’s activities, undertaken in collaboration with IFAC member bodies, that respond to the issues, challenges, and needs of SMPs as identified by the findings.The fourth quarter poll received 2,441 responses and was conducted in seven languages. 



    IFAC SMP Quick Poll: 2011 Round-Up (PDF | 6.1 MB)
    Date: Feb 02, 2012


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