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Integrating the Business Reporting Supply Chain

A report based on recommendations from key business leaders from around the world
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High-quality business reporting lies at the heart of strong capital markets and sustainable economic growth. All those involved in the business reporting supply chain play a critical role in making business reports more relevant, understandable, and reliable. This will enable the various stakeholders who use those reports to make informed decisions with respect to an organization’s social, environmental, and economic performance.

IFAC’s recent interviews with key business leaders from around the globe capture recommendations on governance, financial reporting, financial auditing, and broader business reporting from prominent preparers, directors, auditors, standard setters, regulators, and investors, made in light of the financial crisis.

This report analyzes what, according to interviewees, the various participants in the business reporting supply chain should do to further improve governance and the usefulness of business reports, as well as the preparation and audit of those reports.

Unless otherwise stated, the recommendations in this report apply to all organizations and businesses.

A Summary of Key Recommendations is also available.

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