IFAC's Points of View

IFAC's Points of View show where we stand–as the voice of the global accountancy profession–on key policy issues impacting the profession and society. They represent IFAC's official position on the topic.

In the coming months, we will continue to voice the profession's perspective on issues from audit quality and anti-corruption efforts to climate change and corporate governance.


Greater Transparency and Accountability in the Public Sector

This POV explores how governments can use the resources they have to have to make informed, data-driven decisions with strong governance and public financial management (PFM) and how the accountancy profession can work with the public sector to help deliver a more sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous future for all.  


Embracing a People-Centered Profession

The accountancy profession is first and foremost a profession made of people—individuals and teams working collaboratively and collectively. This POV explores the connection between the people in the accountancy profession, the core components of the profession (education, professional judgment, ethics, values) and the profession’s commitment to the public interest. 


Maintaining Trust & Confidence During a Crisis

Maintaining trust and confidence during a crisis is the fastest path to recovery after a crisis. Those Charged With Governance, regulators and the global accounting profession all have key roles to play in maintaining trust.


Achieving High-Quality Audits

High-quality audits of financial statements are essential to strong, sustainable organizations, financial markets and economies. All participants in the audit and assurance ecosystem must act to improve the audit process.


Climate Action

Climate change is an urgent, global, and systemic issue that can threaten the sustainability of organizations, markets, and economies. It presents both physical risks and transition risks. A low-carbon transition will change how economies operate creating both uncertainty and significant opportunities.


Fighting Corruption and Money Laundering

The consequences of corruption are significant and widespread, from direct costs to individuals and society, to encouraging criminal behavior and undermining trust in institutions. Grounded in a strong ethical code, professional accountants across the globe play a critical role in the fight against corruption.


Enhancing Corporate Reporting

Corporate reporting should capture all relevant information about organizations. However, investors and other stakeholders are demanding more, higher-quality information and insights about company performance, risks, opportunities, and long-term prospects than are available from the conventional financial reporting process.


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