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The accountancy profession is first and foremost a profession made of people—individuals and teams working collaboratively and collectively. Every year, millions of professional accountants worldwide create billions of dollars of value for a wide spectrum of stakeholders while acting in the public interest. They do this by acting ethically and with integrity while applying their professional judgment, technical skills, high level of education, and training to support business resilience and success. Understanding the connection between people, education, professional judgment, ethics, value and the public interest, is central to the ongoing relevance of the profession.

Mental health is as important to well-being and productivity as physical health, yet the stigma associated with acknowledging mental health issues can prevent many from getting needed help.  Employers and PAOs must take a holistic and non-discriminatory approach to health.

IFAC believes that a diverse and inclusive culture, where professional accountants can bring their authentic selves to work, combined with meaningful work-life balance and appropriate mental health awareness, all contribute to a culture of trust and integrity. For the global accountancy profession, a culture of trust and integrity supports its ability to deliver on its public interest mandate, thereby increasing its relevance into the future.

To learn more about IFAC's commitment to supporting mental health or to explore articles from our network, read through the resources provided below.