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In January 2024, IFAC's Small- and Medium-Sized Practices Advisory Group (SMPAG) heard a presentation about the journey an Italian SMP, Attolini, Spaggiari & Associati, has taken in becoming a B Corporation.

The presenter, Giancarlo Attolini, is a past Chair of the SMPAG and a founding partner of this SMP, which is a member of the Moore Global network. Giancarlo’s presentation covers:   

  • An explanation of what B Corps are and the role of B Lab 
  • The rationale for B Corp status 
  • Main steps of the certification process 
  • Changes and improvements his firm needed to make 
  • The steps the firm had already taken towards sustainability 
  • Learnings from going through the process 

In addition to the presentation, there are additional resources for SMPs on sustainability and other important topics at IFAC's Practice Transformation Hub.

Click below to watch.