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There are two major costs when taking client accounting advisory services into account: technology and people, according to Samantha Mansfield, Director of Professional Development & Community at For technology expenses, firms need to plan for experimentation time, to try different tools and assess what works and doesn’t for the firm, and training time, whether for one person or a team. On the people side, firms need to consider current staff skillsets and the risk of losing subject matter expertise as staff depart or retire and how to counter the loss. It is when you marry subject matter expertise on staff with the right technology that you can really drive profitability for clients, and your own.

Samantha Mansfield

Director of Professional Development & Community,

Samantha Mansfield is the director of professional development & community at She has been in the tax and accounting technology industry since 2000 and during that time, she has consulted with firms of all sizes and spoken on workflow and web services implementations. In addition, she has trained on the use of technology as well as assisted firms in finding the right solutions for their needs. Over the last decade she has incorporated these insights to develop and deliver educational summits and workshops to help firms accelerate their growth.