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Dag Detter  | 

Instead of focusing only on the problem of public debt, we should also pay close attention to vast amounts of “public wealth” that governments manage, according to Dag Detter, Managing Partner & Founder, Detter & Company. The first step is to improve transparency in how governments manage public sector finance. Governments should provide a special annual report of their commercial assets, which represents a vast segment of wealth that, in many cases, is even larger than public debt.

Dag Detter

Managing Partner & Founder, Detter & Co.

Dag Detter is the Managing Partner & Founder of Detter & Co. Dag specialised on public commercial assets and works as an advisor to local and national governments, investors and international financial institutions to help unlock public wealth. As the former President of Stattum, the Swedish government holding company and Director at the Ministry of Industry responsible for government owned enterprises, he led the comprehensive restructuring of the national government portfolio. Dag is a fellow at the Legatum Institute in London and the co-author of The Public Wealth of Nations; The Economist – Books of the year 2015 and The Financial Time’s best books of the year 2015.