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Case study: Integrated Thinking & Reporting at Royal Schiphol Group

Presentation by Simon Theeuwes, Senior Manager Corporate Treasury, Royal Schiphol Group  | 
About Royal Schiphol Group:
  • Airport company with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as its main airport.
  • Public limited liability company with the State of the Netherlands as its largest shareholder.
  • Its ambition is to create the world's most sustainable, high-quality airports.

Simon Theeuwes, Senior Manager Corporate Treasury, explained how the Royal Schiphol Group, enabled by the sponsorship and support of the CEO and CFO, has applied integrated thinking and reporting in a holistic manner across the organization, by:

  • Articulating a new Vision 2050 that centers around creating long-term value with clear objectives for quality of life, quality of network, and quality of service;
  • Implementing a new set of targets and KPIs focusing on eight top performance indicators; and
  • Developing a new strategy to deliver the performance on these KPIs, to create long-term value and to meet stakeholder expectations.

Royal Schiphol’s value creation model captures the organization’s mission and purpose, what the company is doing to create value, how the organization is delivering value, and who is contributing to, and affected by, the value creation process. The approach, outlined in their 2018 Annual Report, also connects outcomes and impacts to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


This was a presentation to the IFAC Professional Accountants in Business Committee during their September 2019 meeting. See here for the full meeting report: Understanding and Communicating Value Creation