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Intern Spotlight: Nicholas Cecco

What attracted you to IFAC when you joined?

What attracted me to IFAC was the opportunity to understand the accounting profession from a global point-of-view. I found the opportunity to face such a diverse and interesting set of challenges to be very intriguing.

What types of projects did you work on?

During my time with IFAC, I researched how IFACs member organizations foster interest in the accounting profession, as well as teach financial literacy skills to high school students. Those findings will be used to advise other member organizations on how to replicate similar strategies. Additionally, I assisted with founding the IFAC Young Leaders Collective, with the purpose of creating a platform for young accountants to provide region-specific input regarding the development of the accounting profession.

What’s the most valuable skill you gained from your internship?

The most valuable skill I think I gained from my time with IFAC is the ability to juggle multiple projects and responsibilities at once, while making sure I devoted appropriate time and attention to each.

What have you learned about the accounting profession that surprised you?

The thing I have learned about the accounting profession that surprised me most was how dedicated accountants are to ensure the profession is seen as ethical and responsible. The emphasis on making the world a better place through sustainability reporting and other strategies really stood out to me.

What advice do you have for prospective interns at IFAC?

The advice I would give to prospective interns at IFAC is to make sure you reach out and ask questions. Understanding what IFAC's role is within the accounting profession and what people work on day to day will help you significantly in your projects and allow you to succeed in this global environment.