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Nominating Committee

The IFAC Nominating Committee is responsible for selecting volunteer members to serve on the independent standard-setting boards, the IFAC Board and committees. These volunteers are central to the effective functioning of these boards and IFAC.

The Nominating Committee selects the most suitable person for an available position based on candidates’ professional background and board/committee’s needs. It also seeks to achieve broad regional, professional, and gender balance.

The IFAC Nominating Committee makes recommendations to the IFAC Board, relevant public interest oversight authority, and IFAC Council, as appropriate, for approval of the composition of the independent standard-setting boards and IFAC Board and committees.

  • About the Nominating Committee

    The Nominating Committee is comprised of the chair, deputy chair and no less than four additional members from different regions of the world.

    The Nominating Committee follows a robust process to select the most suitable candidates for available positions on the independent standard-setting boards, the IFAC Board and committees. In doing so, it endeavors to balance the nominee’s abilities and professional qualifications with the various needs of each board and committee. The Nominating Committee also makes it a priority to ensure a broad diversity in terms of gender, geographic representation, professional background, and representation from countries with different levels of economic development.

    Each year, the Nominating Committee issues Calls for Nominations to invite applications from various stakeholders for available positions on the independent standard-setting boards, IFAC Board and committees.

  • Nominating Committee Terms of Reference

    1.0 Purpose

    The Nominating Committee is a Committee of IFAC with the primary objective of overseeing the nominations process, identifying the most suitable candidates, and making recommendations to the IFAC Board and Council regarding the composition of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board (IPSASB), the IFAC Board, and IFAC Groups in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws as set out in Section 3 below.

    2.0 Principles

    The Nominating Committee is guided by the need for transparency in its decision-making process balanced with issues of privacy and propriety in order to maintain a respectful, fair and judicious environment. While it must have discussions amongst itself and other parties of a proprietary nature, it must also ensure that discretion is maintained. The committee seeks to achieve transparency via periodic reporting (at least annually) to the Board, Council and the Public Interest Committee (PIC) as appropriate, regarding its objectives, the process followed during the nominations cycle, and any significant issues that arose as part of that process.

    In making recommendations on appointments, the Nominating Committee is guided by the principle that the primary criterion for selection is the most suitable candidates for the available positions, taking into consideration factors such as professional background, relevant experience, contributions to the accountancy profession, leadership, and other personal skills and attributes. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the committee also takes into consideration gender and geographic balance, industry and professional background diversity, as well as the size of employer.

    Each member shall sign an annual statement declaring that they will act in the public interest and with integrity in discharging their role within the Nominating Committee.

    A representative of the Public Interest Committee (PIC) is entitled to observe meetings or parts of meetings of the Nominating Committee devoted to the selection of candidates for IPSASB membership.

    3.0 Responsibilities

    The Nominating Committee has the power to request and receive such information from nominating organizations or individuals as it considers appropriate to enable it to carry out its responsibilities.

    The responsibilities of the Nominating Committee are to recommend to the Council, with the endorsement of the Board:

    • The candidates to be elected to the Board, including the Deputy President and President;
    • The candidates to be appointed to the Nominating Committee.

    The responsibilities of the Nominating Committee are to recommend to the Board for its approval:

    • The chairs or members to be appointed to the IPSASB, IPAE, and TAC and chairs of IFAC Groups as listed in Appendix D of the Bylaws;
    • The composition of the IFAC Board Subcommittees1 as listed in Appendix A of the Bylaws, based on a proposal by the President, in consultation with the Deputy President and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO); and.
    • When required in terms of the Forum of Firms’ Constitution, the establishment and composition of a panel to consider and decide appeals relating to suspension or exclusion from membership of the Forum.

    The responsibilities of the Nominating Committee are to endorse and to inform the Board:

    • about the candidates, including deputy chairs, to be appointed (or removed) to the IFAC Advisory Groups2 (as listed in Appendix D of the Bylaws) based on a proposal by Advisory Group Chairs and key IFAC staff supporting the work of the particular Advisory Group.

    Other Responsibilities:

    • The Nominating Committee may recommend to the Board the removal of the following for non-performance or other good cause as provided for in the Constitution and Bylaws:
      • President, Deputy President, and a member of the IFAC Board (requires Council approval);
      • Chair or member of IPSASB;
      • Chair or member of a an IFAC Group, as listed in Appendix C3 of the Bylaws; and
      • Chair of a Group as listed in Appendix D of the Bylaws.
    • The Nominating Committee may fill casual vacancies in the Presidency, Deputy Presidency, IFAC Board, and chairmanship or membership of an IPSASB and IFAC Groups as provided for in the Constitution and Bylaws.

    4.0 Membership

    The Nominating Committee is composed of the President and Deputy President ex–officio, and no less than four additional members appointed by the Council on the recommendation of the Board. The non-ex-officio members should each be a member of an IFAC Member, and no more than two non-ex-officio members may be members of the Board.

    The Nominating Committee is required to consult with the Board in terms of its own composition throughout the nominations process.

    The CEO, or a designated staff member, is the Secretary to the Nominating Committee. The Secretary has speaking rights but not voting rights and is not subject to rotation requirements.

    5.0 Terms of Service  

    The non-ex-officio members’ service is for a period not exceeding two terms of two years. The rotation of the committee is such that each year at least one term expires. A non-ex-officio member may be re-nominated if the member is willing to continue and term limits are not exceeded.

    6.0 Meeting Procedures

    The Nominating Committee meetings are chaired by the President or, in their absence, the Deputy President. In the event of the absence of both, the members present select a member to take the chair for the duration of the meeting or for the duration of the absence of the President and Deputy President. A quorum of a simple majority of the members is required.

    The Nominating Committee typically meets at least 4 times per year, either in a physical, hybrid, or electronic meeting, to perform its responsibilities as specified above.

    7.0 Voting Procedures

    Each member of the Nominating Committee has one vote. The affirmative vote of a simple majority of members present at a meeting in person or by simultaneous telecommunications link, is required for decision-making. In the case of an even number of votes, the chair shall cast an additional vote to break the tie.

    8.0 Confidentiality

    To protect the privacy of the nominees, Nominating Committee papers and meeting discussions are confidential and any information that is not publicly available should not be disclosed inappropriately. 

    9.0 Other

    The meetings and agenda papers of the Nominating Committee are in English, which is the official working language of IFAC.

    The IFAC Board will periodically review the terms of reference of the Nominating Committee (generally every three to five years).



    As per Appendix A of the IFAC Bylaws, IFAC Board Subcommittees include the: Audit Committee, Governance Committee, Human Capital and Compensation Committee, Membership Committee, Planning and Finance Committee, and the Public Policy and Regulation Advisory Group.

    2As per Appendix D of the Bylaws the IFAC Advisory Groups include the: Professional Accountancy Organizations & Development Advisory Group (PAODAG), Professional Accountants in Business Advisory Group (PAIBAG), and Small- and Medium-sized Advisory Group (SMPAG).

    3As per Appendix C of the Bylaws (Subject to the IFAC Council Approval in November 2023), the IFAC Groups include the: International Panel for Accountancy Education (IPAE), Nominating Committee, and Transnational Auditors Committee (TAC).

  • Committee Members
    Asmâa Resmouki, President, IFAC Morocco
    Jean Bouquot, Deputy President, IFAC France
    Cesar Cheng Colombia
    Merran Kelsall Australia
    Dr. Neema Kiure Mssusa Tanzania, United Republic of
    Khalid Rahman Pakistan
    Joy Thomas Canada
    Caroline Gardner United Kingdom
  • Call for Nominations

    Each year, the Nominating Committee issues Calls for Nominations to announce positions on the independent standard-setting boards, IFAC Board, and committees.

    Vacancies on the standard-setting boards are open for nominations by all stakeholders, including professional accountancy and international organizations, governmental agencies, firms, and the public. Travel support is available to qualified candidates from countries with emerging economies, self-nominees, and public members.

    Vacancies on the IFAC Board and committees are open for nominations by IFAC member organizations.


  • Expectations for Volunteers


    IFAC and the standard-setting boards value the contributions of our volunteers, who devote their talent and time to advance the global accountancy profession. Volunteers actively participate in meetings, task forces, and other working groups and projects.

    Appointment as a board or committee volunteer is a significant responsibility and requires:

    • Acting in the public interest and with integrity;
    • Acting as an ambassador for IFAC or a standard-setting board in your own country and region; and
    • Preparing for, attending, and actively participating in the work of a particular board or committee.

    Time Commitment

    Volunteers are appointed for a term of up to three years and are expected to complete their terms. Generally, volunteers who perform well are re-appointed for a second term of service of up to three more years.

    Time commitment for each board or committee is different, please see the Call for Nominations for additional details.

    Volunteers are expected to attend all in-person meetings, webinars and conference calls, and serve on a task forces, subcommittees, or working groups. Volunteers may also need to spend additional time consulting with their national organizations and authorities to seek input, deliver presentations, or conduct related outreach.

    Performance Expectations

    All volunteers participate in the annual Volunteer Performance Program. This program offers constructive dialogue between chairs and members about expectations and members’ involvement and contributions. It also provides valuable information to the Nominating Committee regarding potential re-appointments, succession planning, and any performance issues.


  • Submit a Nomination

    Make a Nomination

    Please be aware that a new Nominations Database has been introduced. If you have an existing account, you can still access your previous nominations for reference, but you won't be able to duplicate or modify them. To submit nominations, you will need to complete and submit them through the new database.

    There is a new feature in the nominations database that allows account owners to share nominations with nominees and other parties for input. 

    Instructions for sharing a nomination

    • Click the button below, then log in or register.
    • Once logged in, click “Create New” and complete the form.
    • Please note that a nomination form may not be submitted unless all questions are fully answered.
    • Once a nomination form is completed, please “Review and Submit.”
    • Once submitted, the nomination form is final and cannot be edited.